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Athaem Client Onboarding

Website Quote

1. Project Scope

Number of Days

2. Domain Information

Please leave the field blank if question not applicable.

Do you currently have a website?

If you do not currently have a website, please skip this seciton.

3. Website Features

Here is an example of page/menu structure.

Do you know the page and menu structure?
Is your site static or dynamic?
The difference between static websites and dynamic websites is that static websites appear the same for every user that accesses them and only change when a developer modifies the source files, whereas dynamic websites can present different information to different visitors.
Do you need any forms?
Do you have any video or large file requirements?

4. Branding Information

Do you have branding, logos, graphics and a thought out design for the site?
Do you have specific theme requirements for the site?
This means specific HEX, HSL, RGBA, or RGB codes.
Do you have specific fonts you'd like to use?
If multiple, please separate each with a comma.
If multiple, please separate each with a comma.

5. Maintenance / Content Generation

Number of People
Please separate each person with a comma.
Please separate each person with a comma.
Will you need training on how to update your website?

6. Ecommerce

Please skip this section if not applicable to your site.

Will your store sell physical or digital products?
Physical products are products that must be shipped to the customer (T-Shirts, CDs, etc.) Digital products are products that can be downloaded (PDFs, MP3s, etc.)
Will your store sell subscriptions?
Do you need a membership platform on your site?
A membership platform is an area of the site that can only be accessed by specific users such as users that purchase a subscription.

7. Athaem Information

Please take a moment to look over our Acceptable Use Policy. Athaem AUP

Do you agree with Athaem's Acceptable Use Policy?